1. Enter a visualization or data story you would like to discuss in this spreadsheet. The link can always be found on the left-hand side of this site as well:
  2. Read the two blogs we are to keep up with each week — Flowing Data and Source, linked at left.
  3. Clean up the Excel spreadsheet, which you received via email and mail it back to me at meminkoff@gmail.com.
  4. Fill out the introductory survey if you haven’t already, the link is in your email.
  5. Watch http://datajournalism.stanford.edu/. All the chapters. It should be about an hour. Then write me at least 500 words (and no more than 1,000) with a reaction to the video — things that were new to you, what you might like to try to you, cited pieces or ideas you found particular inspiring, and/or questions you have. Send that to meminkoff@gmail.com.