1. Weekly discussion of viz samples/blog review
  2. Discuss data journalism documentary
  3. Review homework, discuss name separation, casing
  4. Introduce Google Refine for more advanced data cleaning Download data for in-class: http://africaopendata.org/dataset/provincial-hospitals-in-zimbabwe/resource/1f040811-cf90-49cc-81fc-9c9904a8b962 (Pulled from http://schoolofdata.org/handbook/recipes/cleaning-data-with-refine/, go there for more info/details)
  5. Different file formats (CSV, XML, PDF)
  6. Where to find data( data.gov, open.fda.gov)
  7. Advanced google searching  (https://www.google.com/advanced_search?gfe_rd=ssl&ei=n2u0U5yCD4mO8waY5YDADg)
  8. Rules for creating our own data source
  9. More work samples


  1. Choose one of the data sources you found to play with next week, should be related to a possible final project idea
  2. Look at the headers of that data set and write down 5-10 questions that you would like to know the answers to based on your data
  3. Start keeping a spreadsheet based around some topic in your beat