Classwork (Agenda and links)


  1. Complete critique on one of the pieces listed in our class spreadsheet (linked at left of this blog). As a reminder from our syllabus, the assignment is: “This is to be an at least 750 word essay on what story you think the piece is trying to tell, what it does well and ways in which you would improve it. An “A” critique will cover praise and constructive criticism for both story-driven and presentation-driven parts of a work.”
  2. Complete formal story memo for final project. This builds on what you handed in today, and must cover the following topics:
    • Why is this story important?
    • What benefit does structured data bring to this story? What can numbers tell you that people cannot?
    • Ideas of at least three people-sources (types of people, if not specific names) who you can interview for your story (you will be required to have three sources besides the data in your final project as well. If these don’t pan out, that’s fine, but start thinking about it now.
    • Three ideas of what a reader will learn from your story, and how it will impact them.
    • What non-data, non-human interview research work you need to do to flesh out your idea. I imagine more will come up as you go, but explain where you plan to start.
    • Another data source that would help that you wish you had, which would bring better context to your story.