Learn some more Ruby



Types of visualizations

Design principles

White space

Color Brewer

WTF Visualizations

When Maps Shouldn’t Be Maps

Many Eyes

Work on your own – hand in finished product by end of class

Bonus: Extra resources on basics of data visualization


1. Work on final project – would like to see rough drafts in week 9 – that’s a month. That leaves us a week to finesse before publication.

2. Make a bar chart and a line chart w/true data using Many Eyes — doesn’t have to be related to your beat.

Write a paragraph explaining choices you made, including

a) What data did you choose? Is there anything incomplete about it?

b) Why did you choose this type of chart for this data?

c) Why did you choose these colors?

d) Why did you choose these axis labels and ranges?

(You will score higher if you can figure out how to make changes; it’s all doable if you click, but if you can’t find it, “this is how it came and I couldn’t figure out how to change” is an acceptable answer).