1. Word Sift
  2. Many Eyes – cover Word Cloud, Phrase Net,  Word Tree
  3. Word Clouds Considered Harmful
  4. DocumentCloud – analyze and present documents
  5. Overview Project – sort for important words in group of documents
  6. Google Ngrams – compare word usage over time
  7. Sample Sentiment Dictionary
  8. Analyze Tweets for Sentiment
  9. Semantic Sabotage – Play with YouTube captions

Homework (It’s the last set of homework. Awwwwww!!)

  1. Receive edits from Michelle on Saturday 8/23
  2. Put final draft in CMS and publish complete text and visual story
  3. Write memo on decisions you made in your story and why
  4. Be prepared for oral presentation on your work next Wednesday
  5. Write second critique on a data story referenced in our class spreadsheet