Agenda for April 9 (This week)

  1. Review data stories
  2. Go over Flowing Data/Source blogs
  3. Discuss Data Journalism documentary
  4. Think about ways to find data –
  5. Review file types –
  6. Go over advanced operators:
  7. Review tips:
  8. Complete and hand in this worksheet:
  9. Use techniques we discussed in class today to find three different data sources on your beat. Two should be a form of structured data (xls, csv, xlsx), one should be a pdf. Record how you accessed this information (data set archive, google searching — use each method at least once, and write 2-3 sentences describing what you found, and how it might be useful.

Assignments for April 16 (Next week)

  1. Read about interviewing data
  2. Create your own data source. Think of a topic you’d like to collect information on for your beat. Lay out at least five columns of info you want to collect, and collect at least five records. Could be info about sources you talk to, to create a rolodex. Could be about different locations (banks, countries, etc).
  3. Complete in-class assignment on finding data sources on a topic you are interested in from Google and data archives if not already done
  4. Choose one of the data sources you found to play with and select it for next week, should be related to a possible final project idea
  5. Look at the headers of that data set you selected and write down 5-10 questions that you would like to know the answers to based on your data (the reading above should help you come up with these)
  6. Send Michelle ( the one data set you have chosen, and the 5-10 questions you want to ask, by Wed. April 15 at midnight.