1. What is Web scraping?
  2. Scrape a website w/out programming
    1. Download data set and Scraper extension: Dataset | Scraper
      1. Learn how to make a list into a spreadsheet
    2. Go over parts of a webpage, how they work together.
    3. Introduce with above dataset, a more flexible option.
    4. More advanced techniques with Outwit Hub, using same data set
      1. Pull specific links/images
      2. Use knowledge of how the Web works to write more complex before/after scraper. –
  3. Scrape a website with programming: Dataset (We may hit all/part of this section on Thursday)
    1. Download Ruby (If you are on a Mac, just go to the Terminal and hit irb. If Windows, download this:
    2. Download Nokogiri. In the command prompt, “gem install nokogiri”
    3. Grab the file I created, and run it sucessfully:
    4. Comment out/remove various parts of the file and talk about what makes it work.


  1. For this week, basically readings.
    1. Ethics of scraping –
    2. Getting data from the Web – challenges –
    3. Role of visualization in finding story in data –
    4. Directory of visualization types –
    5. Visual math mistakes –
    6. Stacked area chart vs. line chart –