1. Review data stories in spreadsheet
  2. Go over Flowing Data/Source blog readings for this week
  3. Complete Ruby scraping exercise from Tuesday
  4. Go over readings from Tuesday
  5. Basics of Tableau/how different from DataWrapper
  6. Talk a bit about timelines as a final project option
  7. Overall comments on the final project memos
  8. Classwork/Individual memo review:
    1. I’ll meet with each of you individually outside the classroom. While I’m doing that, please complete the following:
      1. Use Tableau to make a chart based off of a data set of your choice, using rules we’ve set out in previous classes about careful color choices, axis labeling, etc. Send me the completed chart.
      2. Dip your toe into mapping by following this tutorial and send me the result:
      3. If you finish before class time is over, come find me during the individual student meetings and let me know.


  1. Readings:
    1. Data viz tips –
    2. Data art vs. data visualization –
  2. Work on final project. Written responses to questions we lay out during individual meetings will be due (We’ll discuss next steps at our one-on-one meetings).