5/14 Agenda

  1. Review data stories spreadsheet
  2. Review Flowing Data/Source blogs
  3. Go over readings for this week:
    1. Data viz tips – http://guides.library.duke.edu/topten
    2. Data art vs. data visualization – http://www.perceptualedge.com/blog/?p=1245
  4. Discuss final project requirements – again
  5. Discuss Tableau – when is it a better alternative to DataWrapper?
  6. How do I decide what to visualize?
  7. How and when do I combine chart types to tell a better story?
  8. What is the role of chart types when integrated with a text story?
  9. Talk through addtl types of data visualization: http://guides.library.duke.edu/vis_types
  10. More in-depth look at other types of Tableau charts: http://www.tableau.com/sites/default/files/media/which_chart_v6_final_0.pdf
  11. Classwork
    1. Make a Tableau chart that isn’t a bar, line or map – play with the alternatives.
    2. Write a super short story (less than 500 words) about your findings, and write around the graphic in the way we discussed. You can include more than one chart if you want.

5/21 Assignments

  1. Read these posts:
    1. Ethics of privacy in data journalism – http://onlinejournalismblog.com/2013/09/16/ethics-in-data-journalism-privacy-user-data-collaboration-and-the-clash-of-codes/
    2. When Maps Shouldn’t Be Maps – http://www.ericson.net/content/2011/10/when-maps-shouldnt-be-maps/
  2. Complete in-class exercise
  3. Bring in two data sets to map:
    1. One should feature specific addresses/locations
    2. One should feature information that features numbers categorized by either specific countries or states