1. Go over data stories
  2. Go over Flowing Data (Source is lacking this week)
  3. Finish choropleth map from last week
    1. Get coloring working…
      1. Download QGIS – Merge shapefile data with your original csv, refer back to it in Tilemill
    2. Successfully upload as we did before, but…
      1. Go to data section on mapbox site
      2. Click to get details
      3. Create new project
      4. Add title/description
      5. Send me share link
  4. Make address-driven map
    1. Geocode addresses through Google
    2. Import csv with lat long columns back into tilemill
    3. Style points (marker-width, marker-color attributes)
  5. Individual time to work on maps and final projects, I will meet with people individually for help


  1. Second draft of final project due – w/visualization. Should be in by this point.
  2. Complete and hand in both Mapbox maps.
  3. Refresh yourself on readings (we won’t use this week, the text viz class is pushed to next week)