Agenda 7/9:

  1. Go over spreadsheet data stories
  2. Review Flowing Data/Source for this week
  3. Discuss how the homework went — what sites were most/least helpful?
  4. Discuss interviewing data article
  5. Useful types of data sets
  6. Converting PDF to spreadsheet –>
    1. Use this dataset
  7. Categorize our questions — are they:
    1. Calculation
    2. Sorting
    3. Filtering
    4. Other
  8. Review how to answer
    1. Calculation
    2. Sorting
    3. Filtering
    4. Other – you may need more info, may not be appropriate as a data question, may need a not-yet-covered bit of Excel

Assignments 7/16:

  1. Hand in completed questions, with answers, about your data set. You may have completed this in class, or you might not be finished, in which case you’ll have a bit of work to do at home.
    1. Includes a spreadsheet of questions
    2. The data set you are using
    3. A memo explaining what process you used to arrive at each of those answers.
  2. Read the following, and be prepared to discuss:
    1. Ethics of scraping –
    2. Getting data from the Web – challenges –
  3. Use what we discussed in class today to carefully consider your final project topic. Can you use any of these insights? Do you need more info? A different data set? Your project idea is due in 2 weeks. Use this process to help you arrive at a topic.