This list covers both homework assignments and resources to be used in in-class activities. It is designed to be a rough guide to resources for topics we will cover, some resources may be omitted, some may be added.

An ongoing helpful resource we will be referencing will be the Data Journalism Handbook:

Week 1: (Introduction, dirty data)

None – first class

Week 2: Finding data, data formats

Advanced data searching techniques (taking Google to the next level):

Guide to finding data:

Week 3: Cleaning/finding story in data

Week 4: Visualization/graphic design principles

  1. Why data viz matters –
  2. Principles of visual design –
  3. History of visualization –
  4. Importance of white space –

Week 5: Scraping data from a Website (from list to spreadsheet)

  1. Ethics of scraping –
  2. Getting data from the Web – challenges –

Week 6: Visualization for reporting – Different chart types

  1. Role of visualization in finding story in data –
  2. Directory of visualization types –
  3. Visual math mistakes –
  4. Stacked area chart vs. line chart –

Week 7: Relationship of visuals to text story

  1. Data viz tips –
  2. Data art vs. data visualization –

Week 8: Mapping – What you need, how to do it

  1. Ethics of privacy in data journalism –
  2. When Maps Shouldn’t Be Maps –

Week 9: Text analysis and visualization

Word clouds: Case for avoiding them –

Week 10: Final project presentations

No assignments – we’re wrapping up

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